Feeling Harassed in Rockford? Take a Lesson from Lima, Peru
Most of us are familiar with the stereotype of a woman walking down a street, minding her own business, only to find herself the object of whistles, comments, and other forms of harassment by male construction workers and/or various other men she encounters. Maybe you've seen it here in Rockford.
Things Guys Just Don’t Understand
A friend shared the video below with me this morning. In his note, he said he thought of me when he saw it, especially because I have both a wife and a daughter (he's single, no kids). He knew we had just remodeled the bathroom that my wife and daughter share, and he knew that I had commented on the plethora of "things" I found that confused and perplexed me during the clean-out of the a
Watch What Happens to a Woman Walking in NYC
Natalie O'Neill of the New York Post had a piece up yesterday that has garnered a lot of interest, and a lot of arguing. In the article, headlined "Woman harassed 108 times in 10 hours on NYC streets," we get a look at what happens when volunteer Shoshana Roberts takes a long, long walk around Manhattan...