Apparently, those who know things in the desert, think this year's Bears team wasn't a fluke. 

Even though this year's Super Bowl hasn't even been played yet, Vegas has released the odds on next season's champs.

For those of you who don't speak gambling, +1000 means 10:1 odds. You can bet $100 to win $1000. Those are the best odds in their division and even more notably the same as perennial favorites New England and New Orleans.

As far as the rest of the Bears' division?

The Packers and Vikings are in the middle of the pack with 16:1 and 18:1 odds respectively.

The Lions come in at the best value for your bet. You can win $6600 on just a $100 bet. I personally think you'd be better off lighting that Franklin on fire but we've seen stranger things happen in the NFL.

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