Don't want to be scared? There's a pop-up drive-in for kids in Rockton this weekend.  

Plenty of options for local drive-ins this weekend. Let's take a look at what's playing.

If you want to see the new sequel to last year's smash hit A Quiet Place, you have two options.

McHenry Outdoor Theater. 

They will be playing A Quiet Place Part 2 and then will follow it up with the classic slasher film Friday the 13th. You will not find me there. I have never seen Friday the 13th and have zero plans of ever ingesting either of the Quiet Places.

Your other Quiet Place 2 option is in Sterling.

Midway Drive-In:

They also will be playing A Quiet Place 2 but the second feature in Sterling will be the Brad Pitt zombie thriller World War Z. You'll be surprised by this, but I have not seen World War Z either. Too scary.

I've been to both McHenry and Midway. McHenry is a little bigger but I personally prefer the old-school setting in Sterling. Take your pick.

Another slightly less scary drive-in destination is about an hour north in Jefferson, Wisconsin at the Hi-Way 18.

Hi-Way 18 Outdoor Theater:

They'll be having a TRIPLE feature over the Memorial Day weekend. They kick it off with Jaws, then go to Jurassic Park, and if you're still awake you can catch Steven Spielberg's Duel.

I've seen Jurassic Park, you probably have to. It would be cool at a drive-in. I've never seen Duel, but my mom said it was one of the scariest movies she's ever seen and it's basically about a demonic truck.

Need something for the kids? You have you covered.

First up is the Route 34 Drive-In in Earlville, about an hour south of here.

Route 34 Drive-In:

These guys will be playing Gremlins first followed by Beetlejuice. I've seen both of these and honestly didn't really care for either. Your opinion might vary.

Then there's the Sky-Vu in Monroe, Wisconsin:

Sky-Vu Drive-In:

They will be playing Cruella, the new live-action sequel to 101 Dalmations starring Emma Stone and following it up with Raya and the Last Dragon.

I'm interested in the Cruella film and the brand new animated movie from Disney, Raya and the Dragon looks pretty good.

Get out and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and go take a drive with the family.

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