The 2021 IHSA football postseason began last weekend. We covered a great game on Friday night out at Belvidere North. The Blue Thunder were hosting Grayslake Central in the first round of the playoffs. Belvidere North wound up losing a close one to the Rams 27-22 and saw their season come to a close.

That was a great game but it was NOTHING compared to the battle waged in the Quad Cities on Friday night.

The ninth-seeded Springfield Senators were the visitors at Rock Island high school that night for their opening game of the playoffs. The hosting Rock Island Rocks put up an impressive 72 points during the battle. That tied the IHSA record for points scored by one team in a playoff game. Unfortunately, they also game up 94 points to lose the game by a score that's usually reserved for basketball games, 94-72.

94 points in a game where one team is head and shoulders better than the competition is hard to fathom, let alone scoring that many in a playoff game that wasn't decided until late in the 4th quarter.

Springfield scored 14 touchdowns, which by my math is 3.5 TDs a quarter. An amazing feat when you consider that Rock Island was also on a 3TD/quarter pace.

The player of the game (sponsored by Hungry Hobo, more on that in a minute) was from Rock Island. He rushed for 300 yards and 6TDs, including a return TD, and LOST the game. Incredible.

NOTE: How good was Hungry Hobo? I miss that place, we used to go all the time when I was a kid. They always had butterscotch pudding. I was hooked. There still are a few in the Quad Cities area, it's exactly how you remember it.

Other records from the game include the most total offense from one team (Springfield 724) and total combined yards (1,272) in a game and obviously, the most points scored in a game, 166, the previous record was 133 when Huntley beat Batavia in 2008.

We will have more playoff action for you this weekend for round 2 of the IHSA football playoffs, teams TBD. We probably will see less than 166 points scored, but you'll have to tune in to find out.

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