Pat Hughes has the reputation of being one of the nicest guys ever. This story isn't going to help that. 

Reddit user Mark17Grace (great username) shared this story the other day.

Reddit - I recently took my son to his first Cubs game at Coors Field (the game they won). I tried to score the game for my boy but made it all of 2 batters. Lol. Then I remembered Pat sells copies his World Series game 7 score cards. I thought I'd email him at baseball voices to see if he sells copies of all his scorecards.

So I emailed asking if he could make a copy of my son's first Cubs game. I didn't hear back for a few days. Then, I receive an email from him asking for my phone number. He calls me up and we talk for a little bit. He ended up making a copy of the score card and personalized it to my son with his autograph. It cost $60 because he had to go to Kinko's twice and pay for shipping, but I honestly would've paid more. He was such a nice guy and what an unbelievable thing to have for my son. Even if he doesn't appreciate it until 30 years from now. Lol

Rock on Pat Hughes!!

This is amazing.

I know people in the media on a way, way, way, way lower rung not taking time out of their day to help a fan like this.

Pat's the greatest. Cub fans are VERY lucky to have him.


Wouldn't this be a pretty huge money maker for the Cubs? The ability to buy a Pat Hughes scorecard print from any game? What a cool way to memorialize important dates for a Cub fan. I'm off to write an email of my own.

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