It's a stat like this that makes you remember how good Jordan was. 

One of my favorite stats in sports is about Wayne Gretzky. He's the only NHL player to ever score 200 points in a season. And he did it four times. Gretzky was so much better than everyone else he played with that the numbers get a bit absurd.

(Note: It should be pointed out that Gretzky played in a different era when goalies didn't know that they could drop to their knees to make saves. He's still the greatest of all time, but that is something you need to account for when comparing him to today's players..)

I knew Jordan probably held every scoring record for the Bulls but I had no idea that he this kind of a stranglehold on the team's record books.

Before this season, Michael Jordan was the owner of the top FORTY-FIVE (45!) monthly scoring averages for the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have had a few excellent scorers in their history, you would have thought at least one of them would have gotten hot one March and sneak into the top 45. Nope all Mike.

Until this month. Zach Levine is playing some inspired basketball and it looks like it will pay off with an All-Star nomination. Take a look at Levine's last 9 games:

He's been arguably the best player in the league the last 2 weeks and has the Bulls currently sitting in a playoff position.

This whole Bulls team is playing better than any Chicago team since the Rose and Noah years, AKA the last time a lot of people paid attention to the Bulls.

This is an exciting, young team that's coached by a guy who seems to know what buttons to push. Billy Donovan is doing everything right, when it seemed like the previous coach, Jim Boylen had no connection to the players.

The bandwagon is open and ready to accept some new fans.


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