This year, Americans are expected to spend $14.8 billion on the game, for an average of $81.30 per person, with much of that spending on food and drink, according to the National Retail Federation.

If you're thinking that a bag of chips and two jars of salsa (mild and spicy) will carry the day on Super Bowl Sunday, millions and millions of food lovers out there are proving you wrong.

Folks are all over the internet searching for different food recipes that they can trot out to delight and over-stuff their guests at the Super Bowl party they're hosting or attending this weekend.

From Fox News:

With 60.9 million expected to attend a party, another 44 million expected to host a party and an additional 13 million expected to watch at a bar, Americans have been searching far and wide for dishes to make or eat this Sunday. And it's not just nachos, some wings and beer anymore — Americans are getting more exquisite and creative with their cuisine.

Google Trends has compiled a list of "the most uniquely searched Super Bowl recipes," and "buffalo chicken dip" is the winner hands down, with it being the most searched-for food (as compared to the whole U.S.) in eight states. The top dessert recipes around the country are cakes and cupcakes, including, of course, football cupcakes (Hawaii's favorite).

So, let's register our guesses. What food recipe are Illinoisans most interested in for the Super Bowl this year?

That would be jalapeno poppers. Seriously.

Here's what our Midwestern neighbors are looking up:

  • Wisconsin: Buffalo Chicken Dip
  • Iowa: Irish Stew
  • Indiana: Fried Rice
  • Kentucky: Taco Salad
  • Michigan: Pizza
  • Minnesota: Tacos
  • Missouri: Broccoli Cheese Soup


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