If you have to give away a gag gift sometime this year get the the White Sox game early on May 13th and you'll be all set. 

That's the day the White Sox have announced they will be giving away a Hawk Harrelson alarm clock to the first 20,000 guests.

If you're a Cubs fan (I am) you have been blessed with outstanding announcers on both TV and radio. Len Kasper is a pro that everyone likes and Pat Hughes is easily one of the best in the business. If you're a Sox fan you haven't been as lucky.

At his best Hawk is an "acquired" taste. Often remaining silent for minutes at a time if he's upset or railing against the "new fangled" stats that the new generation of baseball fans seem to love. It's no secret that he and his partner Steve Stone don't always get along. You can literally see it when there's a shot of the booth and the two are sitting as far apart as possible.

There's literally no Chicago baseball fan that wouldn't want this as a present. Most will recognize it as a joke, some will truly appreciate it. Either way this will be a hot item.

Now if you have some time to kill someone has put together a "best of" for Hawk. It's worth your time.

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