I read once that the surest way to provoke an argument is to open a discussion of politics or religion. There's no doubt that those topics can produce some serious disagreements, but I think an even quicker way to get an argument going is to produce a "best _____" list.

Seriously, I've heard more raised voices and anger conjured up over a "best movies of all time," "best songs/albums of all time," and of course, "greatest teams of all time" lists than I've ever heard in a religious or political discussion.

So, with that in mind, what restaurant(s) do you believe to be the very best that Rockford has to offer? Keep it in mind as we take a look at what Trip Advisor has determined to be (by ranking 289 total restaurants and their reviews) the 10 best Rockford restaurants, and get ready to argue:

  1. Lino's
  2. Stockholm Inn
  3. Thunder Bay Grille
  4. Tavern on Clark
  5. GreenFire Restaurant Bar & Bakery
  6. Machine Shed
  7. Social Urban Bar and Restaurant
  8. Franchesco's
  9. Five Forks Market
  10. Capri

You really can't go wrong with any of the places listed above, but do you agree with the rankings?

And, if you're really in the mood to argue about Rockford's restaurant rankings on Trip Advisor, check out the complete list by clicking here.

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