There are many users of Gmail around the area. If you happen to be one of them, beware of a new trick that has taken even experienced technical users being scammed. 

Here at work, we have Gmail as one of our email providers. Now I have to be careful as to each email I open up as there is now a phishing scam that has fooled even the more advanced users.

WGN TV has a story about an online security firm named Wordfence warning Gmail users about a phishing scam that is very hard to tell if it is or not.

First, you will receive an email. Attached to the email is a file that when you open up, it looks exactly like the login page for Gmail.

But, it is not the real page. It is a page that hackers have complete use of your email.

This is where it becomes difficult to find the difference between a hacked email and a real email. The subject line will include something that is very relevant to you.Then the attachment that is sent will be something familiar.

There is one way to not let this happen to you. When you go to any website, make sure there is a lock icon in the address bar. That means it is a secure website and should be safe.

There is also something called Two-Factor Authentication. It not only makes use type in a password, but it also makes you use a second form of identity, like a pin number or voice command.

If you think you have been hacked, change your password immediately. Be cautious of what emails you open and the best case scenario, if you think it could be suspicious, pick up the phone and call the person who emailed you.

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