A Chicago casting company is looking for actors for two upcoming commercial shoots.

Being an extra in a movie sounds pretty cool, same with popping up in the background of a TV show, but a commercial? That's even cooler.

Because commercials run way more often than movies or TV show.

So... let's look at these two casting calls for upcoming commercials in Chicago. One is for a GUM commercial, and the other for The Home Depot.

The GUM commercial is looking for, "Professional Dental Staff – Male and Female Dentists, Female Hygienists, Spanish/Bilingual Dentists."

The Home Depot commercial is looking for, "Female, Open on Ethnicity, Age Range: 35-50. The Look: Professional, attractive, fit, in shape, practical, classic, smart, independent, confident, social, busy, and organized."

I have a feeling you know someone who could apply for one or the other, good luck!

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