The Cubs are hoping that a quick change of pace will reverse their luck tomorrow night. 

The Cubs currently find themselves just one game ahead of the Brewers in the National League Central so every game counts more and more as we wind down the season.

They had to fly to Washington D.C. today to play the Nationals in a makeup game from last weekend. This means that they will be flying into Chicago late tonight, after they left Chicago late last night, to get ready for the Reds who come in over the weekend.

Originally, the Cubs and Reds were slated to start their game at 1:20, the usual Friday home time. It's usually at 1:20 because of a very unique rule the Cubs have with the Wrigleyville neighborhood. Every since Wrigley installed lights in 1988 they have only been allowed to host a certain number of evening events and CANNOT hold evening events over the weekend. Right now the current number of night events Wrigley can hold, which includes concerts, is 35.

This is a dumb rule that does not benefit the Cubs. Fortunately, the city gave the Cubs special permission to let them play tomorrow's game at night so the players can have proper rest for the weekend series.

The whole thing is pretty stupid, but it works. Either way, the Cubs need to get their butts in gear, otherwise no one will care about these rules come October because they won't be in the playoffs.

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