The Cubs may have come up short last season but a horse with the namesake of their two most popular players has his eyes on the Kentucky Derby. - Jason Loutsch is a huge Cubs fan, so when it came time to name the dark bay colt his Albaugh Family Stable bought at the Keeneland Sales in September 2016, he decided to combine the names of his two favorite players, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo.

Earlier this month the young colt surprisingly won his second race at Churchill Downs in Louisville. The family's farm has never won the Kentucky Derby but hopes that the fact that the real Cubs broke the curse last year that they might be the next in line.

Jason claims to have not heard of the term Bryzzo before. You may recognize it from the actually funny (and not just funny because they're athletes) commercials that began to run last year.

Here's a clip for a little refresher.

It's believable since they happened around the same time. Either way, Bryzzo is a good name for a horse, a great ad campaign and the best corner combination in baseball. Just another reminder that it's good to be a Cub fan.

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