The DOM, Cubs unofficial Director of Morale, joined the show to talk about the end of a Cubs era. 

It's just different here. That's what DOM has been saying for a while and apparently, the former head decision-maker of the Cubs agrees with him.

If you're a Cub fan and you're not following DOM, quite frankly you're doing it wrong. The guy has electric content and will put a pep in the step of any Cub fan.

Theo was the origin of the Cubs morale. With no Theo, the Cubs are still probably the lovable losers they were the past century. Theo changed the culture and the way Cub fans feel about their team.

We asked DOM about what happens next with the Cubs. Will Jed Hoyer have the same latitude that Theo had and what Cub fans could expect out of the next few years.

Take a listen to DOM above and feel good about where the Cubs are now compared to 10 years ago and also where they're headed.


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