There might not be a "metric" for bat flips but the Cubs are definitely leading the league right now in awesome home run reactions.

It all started with the above video when Nick Castellanos launched his second bomb of the game against the Brewers. I have never seen a double-fisted bat slam and I can't wait to see my second. I can't write anything here about Castellanos that hasn't been said before. He loves playing for the Cubs. The Cubs love him. He might have momentarily passed Javy as the most popular Cub. Sign this guy and sign him now.

Moving on to last night's game against the Mariners.

Emotions were running high. Ben Zobrist was finally back with the Cubs for the first time since May and Willson Contreras was finally back after missing a month with a sore groin.

You could tell Willson was pumped in the first inning.

That's the most excited I've ever seen anyone for a first-inning punch out.

Then he stepped up to the plate and this happened.

(NOTE: Because MLB is stupid and doesn't let people share baseball stuff freely, you'll have to advance the below video to the :40 mark, it's worth it.)

Probably learned that move from Castellanos. Went for the one-handed spike instead of the Castellanos approved double-barrelled action. That's fine.

Then with the game in hand Schwarber stepped up to the plate in the 7th and did this.

First of all, these ladies are alright.

But seriously folks, head on a swivel out there.

Back to the Schwarbomb.

Notice the rather flippant bat drop at the end? Kind of the anti-Castellanos bat flip. Only problem was he kind of dropped it on the Mariner's catcher. Schwarber being the gentleman that he is obviously apologized to the catcher after rounding the bases proving that you can bat flip AND have good sportsmanship. These guys realize that they're role models.

Not sure what's in store for the next Cubs round-tripper but might I suggest the take a look at this video for some inspiration.

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