The NBA has joined the NHL by announcing that they will return to action later this summer as well. 

The plan to return is honestly a little complicated. Fortunately, for Bulls fans, it's pretty simple. Your season is over. Time to find a new coach and get ready for next season.

For the rest of the league, it's a little complicated. The entire rest of the season will be played at Disney World's Wide World of Sports Complex with teams quarantining themselves until they're eliminated and go home.  Here are the highlights:

  • The top 8 teams in each conference PLUS any team within 6 games of the 8th seed will be invited to finish the season. That will include 1 extra team in the East and 5 extra teams in the West for a total of 22 teams.
  • The 22 teams will play an extra 8 regular-season games and then the regular season will be considered completed.
  • After the 8 extra regular-season games the top 8 teams in each conference will advance to the playoffs UNLESS the 9th seed is within 4 games of the 8th seed.
  • IF 4 games or less separate the 8th and 9th seeds those two teams will play to decide who advances with the 8th seed needing 1 win to advance and the 9th seed needing 2.
  • Once the 16 teams are set for the Playoffs each round will proceed as usual with each round being a best-of-7 format.
  • The regular season will begin on July 31 and Game 7 of the NBA Finals will not be held later than October 12.

Got that?

All players, coaches, team staff, and Disney staff will be tested daily for COVID-19 and immediately sequestered if they test positive.

Great job by the NBA getting their season back on track with little to no conflict spilling out to the media. It's definitely something Major League Baseball should look into doing.

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