If you thought Cub fans had given up on this season, guess again!

This sign was a great predictor of how the team would show up in Game 4 of the NLCS down 0-3.

A pretty great game all around. You had Jake Arrieta pitching in what could have been his final start at Wrigley Field. Willson Contreas hit a home run that still hasn't landed and everyone's favorite second baseman Javy Baez hit 2 solo shots of his own. On top of all that you had Joe Maddon getting ejected in the 8th inning (on a HORRIBLE call) and that was a pretty exciting game.

There's a long road ahead of them but remember they were down 1-3 in the World Series last year and we all remember how that happened. Take it one game at a time and things will be fine.

P.S. Speaking of last year that guy in the T-shirt right under the word "Go" in the banner can get the hell out of Wrigley. We don't need that kind of defeatist attitude in the Park IMHO.

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