It's been a long time since I've gone downhill skiing, (the last time I went there was an incident with a tree), but after seeing this post from Travel Wisconsin on Facebook I suddenly want to hop on some skis again...

Snow might not be sticking around in the Stateline area yet, and we might be seeing temps in the 60's next week, but it's nice to know all we need to do is take a short trip to Wisconsin to finally have some outdoor winter fun!

The Best Places to Go Skiing or Snowboarding in Wisconsin

If you're a snowboarding or downhill skiing enthusiast, I'm sure you have your favorite places to catch some fresh powder in the winter, but if you're new to the skiing game and want to experience the best, here's where you should go according to Travel Wisconsin; (and FYI, they are all now officially open for your skiing and snowboarding pleasure!)

The 7 Best Places to Go Downhill Skiing or Snowboarding in Wisconsin

25 Places You Need to See Next Time You’re In Wisconsin

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