For everyone out there today slipping and sliding around Rockford area roads, take a page out of a Raleigh, North Carolina man's book--grab your water skis, get a friend to pull you around, and experience the city in a whole new way (although the Rockford Police will most certainly frown on it, or worse).

We've been dealing with effects of rain, warmer weather, and freezing pavement this morning, which has resulted in more than a few fender-benders around the stateline. In a nutshell, that's the difference between Rockford and a southern city. We've been dealing with it. When you see cities completely paralyzed after an inch and a half of snow, you know you're in the south. A little snow falls, schools get cancelled, transportation is stalled out, and for the most part, folks "shelter in place" at home until a thaw comes along.

Being that we're so used to ice and snow here in the Midwest, we tough it out. Partially because we're expected to (would your boss be cool with you skipping work because of a dusting of snow or some black ice? Mine either.), and partially because we're used to dealing with inclement weather and driving.

So, kudos to the Raleigh skier, if for nothing else than actually getting out on the streets while most folks in the city didn't even leave their driveways. As for his transportation idea, you might want to look up some Ski Broncs for a few tips on getting around.

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