Just when you thought it was safe to take a little break from thinking about taxes, we get a new report that details what we're spending on gas taxes. Looking it over, it seems that every day is tax day.

The report, from GasBuddy.com, begins by giving a number: $198 million. That's the amount that local, state, and federal officials receive every single day from gasoline taxes. Doing the math, that means that over $72 billion is dumped into coffers every year.

From the GasBuddy report:

It’s somewhat of a hidden pain, siphoned from motorists every fill up. While the federal gas tax of 18.4 cents per gallon has not been increased since 1993, there has been renewed talk of increasing the tax from various politicians in recent years. In addition, motorists must pay local and state tax on gas.

Nowhere in the U.S. is the pain worse than in Pennsylvania- where a total of 78 cents of every gallon are diverted to local, state and federal taxes. The average nationally sees nearly 50 cents per gallon spent on gas taxes, while in Alaska, motorists pay the least on gasoline taxes- 31 cents per gallon.

And it all adds up: the average American will spend $297 on gasoline taxes this year, while households with two vehicles will spend nearly $600. Motorists in Pennsylvania, however, will spend $466 per vehicle this year. Nationally, gas taxes in the Mid-Atlantic states average the highest: 62.5 cents per gallon, while taxes in the South average the lowest: 38.7 cents per gallon.

Okay, so Pennsylvania has it bad. Sorry to hear that, but we live here in Illinois. What about the cash coming out of our pockets? 52.15 cents of every gallon of gas sold in Illinois are earmarked for local, state, and federal treasuries. For the year, that comes to $312.90. Per vehicle.

This is from a few years back, but if you really don't know much about gas taxes, and where the money goes, take a look:

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