With only charcoal and graphite, a Rockford man brings his artwork to life one canvas at a time in the comfort of his own home.

Hear me out, drawing is a crazy talent.  The fact that someone can look at a picture OR person and draw a replica by memory is beyond anything I could ever do.  For one local man, drawing comes naturally to him and I'm totally here for it!

Deng Norasingh is a husband, father, and grandfather with a huge love for drawing, producing music, fishing, and spending time outdoors.

What may have been a hobby turned into a full blown business for him.  Just recently, Deng started an Etsy page for his artwork called Dengtheartist. It features pieces for purchase from $70-$275 as of right now.

He also accepts custom requests from the public and can typically have your piece ready within 4 days.  That's a turnaround time I can work with!

Deng currently creates all his art pieces out of his office, which looks like an art gallery with the amount of portraits he does weekly. He has already drawn one of his daughters (featured above), grandson, wife, and all sorts of celebrities and animals!

He has even traveled to Minnesota to deliver an art piece to a very happy client.

After scrolling through his Instagram for the past 20 minutes, I had to follow him.  I'm a sucker for anything local and made with passion.  I'm extremely tempted to request a commission piece of my furbabies, Ramen and Noodles.  I probably will and you should, too!

Check out Deng's Etsy page, Instagram, and Facebook page for more info on how to get a custom portrait done for yourself or a loved one! Below are some more stunning portraits he has done.

Wow! Look At All These Portraits

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