National Ice Cream Day was Sunday July, 19 but don't worry, you can still celebrate with a sweet treat.

Most national days are ridiculous and honestly, pretty pointless. Except when they give you an excuse to indulge in something yummy.  A great example of that is National Ice Cream Day! Every day in the summer is a great day to have some ice cream. The Stateline area is FILLED with great places to grab some sweet treats.

We asked on Facebook for your favorite local spots for some dairy deliciousness, and your responses did not disappoint.

Here's 14 favorite places around Rockford to grab some ice cream:

  1. Dairyhaus
  2. Cold Stone
  3. Baskin Robbins
  4. Cattle and cream
  5. D.I.Yogurt
  6. Dair Depot
  7. Dairy Ripple
  8. Dairy Queen
  9. Sips and Sprinkles
  10. Dairi Fair
  11. Kimberly's Homemade Ice Cream
  12. Zammuto's Drive In and Carry-Out
  13. Schnucks
  14. Lessly’s

How incredible is that list? It's filled with options all around Rockford. Honestly, I think you should treat it like a Stateline Ice Cream Bucket List. Make it your goal to get ice cream from every single one of these places at some point this summer. It's gives you an excuse to get ice cream and you can have some fun completing a bucket list.

The real question is - what's your go to ice cream order? Sure you love to switch it up, but you know you have your favorite. Personally, I love chocolate ice cream with any type of whipped cream topping. But if we're really talking favorites. Mine is chocolate ice cream with marshmallow cream. 10/10 recommend.

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