Because of the current conflict in Ukraine, oil prices are shooting up above $100 a barrel, which will, of course, mean much higher prices at the pump here in Illinois and throughout the country. Just looking at today's news shows that the price per barrel has risen $19.

When even AAA Chicago says that they're having a hard time predicting when prices will level off, you know you're in for some shocking totals to fill up your vehicle.

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That Jump Of $19 Per Barrel Could Translate To A Price Jump Of 40-50 Cents At The Pump In Illinois

And, as you might imagine, when the price of gas goes up like this, it's going to affect many things, especially how much vehicle owners are choosing to drive compared to when the prices were far lower. Today's average gas price in Illinois is $4.02 per gallon

In a survey, AAA Chicago asked if the pain at the pump has already reached a point where some drivers are beginning to adjust their driving habits. With that $4.02 per gallon average price in Illinois, it's not surprising that the answer from Illinois drivers is a definitive yes.

AAA Spokesperson Molly Hart:

“Unless oil prices retreat from the current highs, drivers are going to see higher prices of gas. Because we don’t know what the outcome is going to be with this conflict. It’s just really challenging to forecast what might happen."

"If gas prices go much higher, this could be the future."
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Here's How Illinois Drivers Are Adjusting Their Driving Due To The High Gas Prices

We're not running out to buy ourselves a horse and carriage, but we are doing these things:

  • 34% are driving less often
  • 20% are driving shorter distances
  • 19% combined trips
  • 19% participate in fuel rewards programs
  • 19% drove further for cheaper gas prices

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