I think one of the most popular words in 2020 is "virtual". From virtual concerts, to virtual work meetings, we've made a lot of stuff work from sitting in front of our computer screens this year.

Local museums are making things work virtually just like everybody else. The Burpee Museum and Discovery Center may be closed physically, but virtually, they've still got a ton of fun stuff going on. They both offer free online programs for children. But that's not all. The Executive Director for the Burpee museum detailed a really exciting new program at the Burpee Museum. According to WTVO -

Our learning never stops so we’re really excited to open Burpee without walls, our Burpee without walls program allows people to explore the museum through 3D virtual reality tours

Although it's not an ideal way for any museum to operate, there are some perks to going virtual. Most museums are open during the day with set hours. But now the museum is open 24/7. So if a kid has a question at night while working on school work, they can "go to the museum" and use their resources. The museums also offer offer scout badges online, homeschool and enrichment classes online, and so much more.

It's incredibly important to support our local museums right now. They are an amazing resource we don't want to lose. And there's plenty of ways for you to support them right now. From buying gift cards, to virtual tours, to online classes. Please consider incorporating them into your e-learning and at home fun.

Learn more about what the Burpee Museum and Discovery Center are doing here.


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