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Support Stateline Museums With Virtual Tours This Holiday Season
I think one of the most popular words in 2020 is "virtual". From virtual concerts, to virtual work meetings, we've made a lot of stuff work from sitting in front of our computer screens this year.
Local museums are making things work virtually just like everybody else...
Let's Smash Some Pumpkins at the Discovery Center
Sure, you could use a traditional method like a garbage can or yard waste bin to get rid of your Halloween pumpkins, but honestly--is that as much fun as using a trebuchet? The answer, of course, is NO. Even if you don't know what a trebuchet is.
See Pumpkins Get Smashed at Discovery Center
No, the 90s rock band will not be playing in Rockford in November weekend. However, Discovery Center does have a solution for the question of what to do with that Jack-o-lantern after Halloween.
You're invited to bring the kids (or just yourself) and your pumpkin to Discovery Center on Sunday, N…