The Illinois State Police will begin roadside safety checks today (Thursday), looking for distracted and impaired drivers statewide.

Highlighting the fact that nearly 10,000 people lose their lives each year in the United States due to impaired driving, the State Police are doing their best to put a big dent in that number here in Illinois.

The Illinois State Police say they'll obviously be looking for those driving under the influence, but they're also keying in on distracted drivers, improper seat belt usage, and the use of child-restraint seats.

The State Police say the roadside safety checks will be ongoing throughout the month of August, and into Labor Day Weekend.

It probably won't be anything like this:

Seriously, though--with all the ride sharing options available, and the fact that you're looking at thousands of dollars in fines and costs for a DUI--there's no excuse to drive under the influence. Ever.

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