Depending on your age, the term "Blackout Wednesday" might be something that you've never heard before. How about "Drinksgiving?" Or, maybe "Thanksgiving Eve?"

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The first Google searches for "Blackout Wednesday" only go back as far as 2014, but the idea of getting together with old friends for lots of drinks the night before Thanksgiving while potentially avoiding any drama with the relatives hanging around the house goes back quite a long way.

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With Ride-Sharing Companies Like Uber and Lyft (and taxis, too), Why Get A DUI?

I'll confess to really not understanding why anyone gets DUIs anymore. There are so many ways to avoid driving after a night of drinking that there really is no excuse that you can come up with. Call a ride.

This year (actually tomorrow night), not only do you have your ride-share and/or cabs options, the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department is offering you another way home, too.

That way, you can do this:

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Without ending up doing this:

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The Winnebago County Sheriff's Department's "Safe Ride Home" Program Is Paid For By LaMonica Beverages

Much like the safe ride home option that's been offered on New Year's Eve in past years, all it takes is a phone call to the Winnebago County Sheriff to get yourself some safe transportation home after having had a few beverages.

Call the Winnebago County Sheriff Department's non-emergency number:

(815) 282-2600

This offer is good throughout Winnebago County from 11pm Wednesday through 3am Thursday. However, these rides are only good for a ride to a residence, so please don't ask them to haul you to another bar or business.

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