Are You Ready For Self-Driving Cars Here in Illinois?
I was just out in the Phoenix/Mesa, Arizona area a few weeks back, and besides 85 degree weather and Chicago Cubs spring training baseball, the thing (or things) that got my attention the most was the prevalence of self-driving cars undergoing testing on the streets.
Need A Lift?
Get ready for some more fun on the water this summer. Don't have a boat? No problem, Uber for boats is coming.
Cubs’ Kris Bryant Goes Undercover for Lyft
I've never done the ride-sharing thing. Never called Uber or Lyft, two of the most popular services. That being said, had I known that the Chicago Cubs' rookie 3rd baseman Kris Bryant was giving some folks a ride on Lyft,  I might have called for a ride even if I didn't need one.…
Uber Offers Rockford Ice Cream Delivery Today Only
It's not quite the dog days of summer, but Uber is ready to provide a sweet treat on this July Friday.
For the very first time in Rockford, Uber is prepared to deliver Ice Cream on Wheels to wherever you are. The cost? 5 pieces for just $5 (and perhaps a tip for the driver, right...

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