If the Aussie implementation of cell phone detection cameras proves to be a success, how long before we see them here in Rockford?

I'm guessing that the answer would be not long at all.

The so-called "High Definition Detection Cameras" have been put into play in the Australian state of New South Wales with the sole intention of catching drivers who continue to use their cell phones while behind the wheel.

Andrew Constance, New South Wales’ Minister for Roads said the “world-first” technology would target illegal cell phone use through “fixed and mobile trailer-mounted cameras.”

Images identified as being likely to contain a driver illegally using a call phone will then be verified by authorized personnel, authorities said, noting that images captured by the system would be “securely stored and managed.”

For the first three months, drivers caught out by the technology will receive a warning letter, Transport for New South Wales said in a statement, after which offenders will face a fine of up to $344, or $457 in a school zone, and penalty points on their drivers license.

Officials said that a trial of the technology earlier in the year had caught more than 100,000 drivers illegally using a phone at the wheel.

Making and receiving phone calls while driving is legal in New South Wales, but only by using hands-free technology. Other functions, including using social media, video calling, photography, playing audio while driving are only legal if a driver has parked their vehicle outside of traffic.

Considering some of the absolutely awful distracted-driving we see here in the Rockford area, those cameras would find a target rich environment around these parts.

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