If you spend any time on this site, you may be familiar with my weekly look at Time Wasters. Time Wasters are things that I find (goofy, fun, or otherwise interesting items and links that we can't squeeze into the show) while looking for other information and topics Scot and I discuss on the morning show. Today, the spotlight is on some videos that I've either found while trolling the internet, or have been sent to me by friends, family, and you in the listening audience. Let's hit a few.

Kids and church. Sure, sometimes there's fidgeting, squirming, crying and/or talking, but once in a while, you get a gem like this little girl. She takes choirs very seriously:

I've written about our dog, Lucy the Weimaraner, several times here. She beautiful, sweet, and smart. We love her dearly, but we're the first to admit...she's not quite as evolved as Tessa, the human dog:

I've also written here about my wife Amy (also beautiful, sweet, and smart...not to mention tolerant, understanding and patient...). Being that I love her and always wish to make her happy, I don't buy clothes for her. Why? Watch this:

There are certain things that I'm not into. Things like heights, thrill rides, and kayaks. This guy? He digs all of those things:

And, finally...after mentioning that I'm not into heights, thrill rides, etc., it's been suggested that I pay extra close attention to this one: