My wife, Amy, doesn't really like it when I go grocery shopping unsupervised. I have a tendency, as my father did before me, to...uh...let's say "improvise." Amy would call it "going off the list." It gets worse when I go to the store hungry, as you might imagine.

So, most of our grocery shopping is done by Amy. I don't blame her, because even on the rare occasions I stick to the list, I come home and expect praise and adulation for doing that.

The other reason that she prefers to go alone to do the food shopping is that when she takes me along, my tendency to do exactly what the guy in the video below is doing comes shining through.

Guys, if your shopping life with your spouse has become dull and boring, try this:

Worst case scenario would be not being asked to go shopping anymore...if you can live with that.