You may have heard that there was a wee bit of celebration going on in Chicago (and countless other Illinois cities and towns, including Rockford) Wednesday night. The Cubs had just won the World Series. Thousands and thousands of people hit the streets to rejoice in the victory, and the Chicago PD had their hands full.

Chicagoland Scanner tweets out information on large events, emergency services, and traffic information in and around Chicago, and they were tweeting up a storm Wednesday night into Thursday morning about one particular event--the Cubs victory celebration.

There were the serious and sad tweets, or course. But, instead of those, take a look at some of the more unusual and downright goofy things that were taking place.

Remember kids, gasoline and fireworks are natural enemies:

Don't have access to a gas station? Just throw them anywhere:

I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, at seeing this. Who could have predicted:

I figure that someone would've needed a bucket, but not this kind of bucket:

There were some folks who had a strange attraction to light poles:

Chicago Cubs win world series after 108 years
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Then, there are the people who really, really want something, and just won't be denied:

Then, there are the do-it-yourselfers:

Which, of course, had to lead to this:

Hopefully, recounting Chicago Scanner tweets from a Cubs World Series celebration will become an annual event.

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