First things first. Horrible defense from the right fielder. 

Sunday night ESPN ran their 30 For 30 documentary, Long Gone Summer. It was supposed to tell the tale of the 1998 home run race between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa that captivated a nation and brought baseball back from the dead after the strike of 1994.

Instead, it was a 2-hour highlight reel of McGwire's home runs with occasional appearances from Sosa. You're also supposed to learn something from a documentary. It should uncover and explain something that was unknown before. This did not happen in Long Gone Summer. This was an objectively bad documentary. The Cub fan in me would point out the fact that it was directed by a Cardinal fan but I won't slander the man in this blog.

(Side note: The fact that they waited until there were 13 minutes left in the doc to even mention steroids and then just gloss over it was poor film making at best, irresponsible at worst.)

This clip of Sammy's inside-the-park homerun during his minor league days is the kind of thing a good documentary would include. No one's really seen it before. It showcases the raw athleticism and electricity that made Sosa the showman he was.

I've probably watched that clip 20 times already today and giggle every time. It's just an awesome reminder of the energy he brought to the field every game.

P.S. Bring Sammy back to Wrigley!

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