You may remember a short while back when the City of Rockford asked for the public's help in naming four new snowplows that will be rolling out this winter.

Around 1500 people jumped to their keyboards and voted on their favorite names out of pretty great list of possibilities.

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We Can Thank Boaty McBoatFace And Hooty McOwlFace For Getting Things Like This Going

Back in 2012, the idea of giving something a strange, weird, I mean unique name got started when Hooty McOwlface, an owl named through a British  'Adopt-a-Bird' program, was given that name due to a surge in internet voting. Once online voters realized that they could really screw with an online naming vote, they were ready for the next opportunity.

That opportunity came in 2016, with the #NameOurShip online poll to name the U.K's $200 million polar scientific research ship for the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), which was under construction at the time. The winning entry was:

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However, the research vessel wasn't given that name, it was given this instead:

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The name Boaty McBoatFace went to one of the ship's autonomous yellow submarines, instead.

Here Are The Choices Rockford's Snowplow Voters Had To Consider

Although the list was finally winnowed down to 5 names, there were quite a few to pick from at the start of the online voting:

  • Veruca Salt
  • Snow Monkey
  • No-Way Snow-Day
  • Snow-way-Jose
  • Darth Blader
  • Buzz Ice Clear
  • Plowzilla
  • Santa’s little helper
  • Salt Disney
  • Teddy Snowsevelt
  • Snowbi wan kenobi
  • The Windrow Maker
  • The Fast and The Flurry-less
  • Ol’ Salty
  • Oh snow you didn’t
  • Snowtorious B.I.G.
  • Snow City 815
  • Sled Zepplin
  • ICE ICE Baby
  • Han Snowlo
  • Snow Place Like Home
  • Plowabunga

I think they're all pretty good, but there are a few that are better than the others. But, since we don't have the time or the room to slap all those names on trucks, here are the winning snowplow names:

City of Rockford, Facebook
City of Rockford, Facebook
City of Rockford, Facebook
City of Rockford, Facebook

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