As I mentioned a while back in this space (Before Memorial Day Weekend, Please Visit the Rock River Valley Blood Center), the Rock River Valley Blood Center (RRVBC) really, really needs your help. Many of you responded, but the need is still there. If anything, it's gotten greater.

My friend Jennifer Bowman, PR and Marketing manager at the RRVBC, says the blood center is facing a real challenge:

The Rock River Valley Blood Center is issuing a critical appeal to the community for blood donors. RRVBC’s collections numbers are down 40% this summer leaving the blood center short on nearly every blood type. “We have not been able to make up any ground on the blood supply this summer. As soon as it is donated, the blood is being typed, tested, packaged, labeled and released to the hospitals for patients. We cannot continue with this trend. We must get people to respond to this appeal by donating blood. We’ve already had to import units of blood from other blood centers, but the US is experiencing nationwide shortages which makes importing a challenge in itself.

The need is always there, but sometimes we don't consider donating until it's for someone we know or love.

If you're willing to roll up a sleeve and help out, please call the RRVBC at (877) 778-2299. If you'd like to know how many people are helped by your donation, or how the process works, click here.