The Rock River Valley Blood Center (RRVBC) is in serious need of your blood donation, so they've made it easier for you to help them out.

The folks at the RRVBC know better than most people what this COVID-19 mess has done to disrupt the normal, daily functions of life. Even in the best of times, blood donations have been on a downward-trajectory, and when you add in the lockdown, restrictions on gatherings, and an overall fear of of contracting the coronavirus, the situation has gotten even more desperate.

In case you were unaware, the RRVBC serves more than just those of us living in the Rock River Valley. They serve 10 area hospitals:

To make sure all of those places get the blood they require for their patients, the RRVBC must collect 1000 units of blood each week to meet the demand.

And right now, they're fighting against the perfect storm. Summer is the time of year that the most blood is needed, donations were down even before the pandemic, and now that we're in the midst of the pandemic, donations are down even more.

So, the RRVBC has attempted to streamline the blood donation process with something called Quick Pass.

Quick Pass allows you to begin the process of blood donation from your home or office, which saves you time and maintains optimum social distancing. You simply read the educational materials, answer the health questions, and then print out your Quick Pass barcode on the same day you plan to donate.

How does it streamline the process? Because you will have already completed your required health history questions prior to your donation, the process will potentially be shortened, reducing time away from work and personal commitments.


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