Yu Darvish's transformation from social pariah to media darling is nothing short of spectacular. 

A year ago Yu Darvish probably didn't want to go out in public around Chicago. He wasn't pitching well, seemed to be fragile both mentally and physically, and just didn't seem to be enjoying his time in Chicago.

Fast forward one year and Yu Darvish is everyone's favorite and turns out is a real blast on Twitter.

He followed up this tweet with an odd reference to a Louis Vuitton bag:

What does that mean? No idea. I'm guessing it is some inside joke or maybe Louis Vitton jokes are big in Japan. Whatever the reason, Yu's having fun on Twitter and I'm here for it.

Some more Twitter highlights from Yu:

He's apparently is quite the cook.

That translates to "Darvish special curry." Looks delicious.

Just some dudes messing around in the locker room. Relatable stuff.

I think this is him making fun of Ichiro. Respectfully of course.

Fortnight updates.

I have no idea what he's saying in these tweets and the translate function hasn't quite nailed down the Japanese to English thing but I'm still fascinated.

What I'm saying is that Yu Darvish is a must-follow on Twitter. I don't know why but it's one of the last wholesome things on the internet

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