It's going to be a long year for the Astros. 

Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo were mic'd up for their spring training game against the Angels and they caught this exchange with Anthony Rizzo during an at-bat.

Rizzo is wondering out loud what pitch is coming next and then jokingly asks someone to bang a garbage can for him. Pretty funny stuff but this lets me know that the Cubs were doing it the right way (without cheating) when they won the World Series.

When the Astros cheating stuff started to leak out it sounded like there were a bunch of other teams that might be caught up in the scandal. I didn't think the Cubs were guilty of anything but you can never tell. Openly joking about it on national tv is all I need to prove to me that there wasn't any funny stuff going on in the Cubs locker room.

I need these two mic'd up for more games.

First game of the season is March 26. Can't get here fast enough!

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