Joanne DeVrieze passed away January 19 at 95 years of age. 

Her obituary is pretty standard fare. She liked playing pinochle and walking the mall. There's a cute story in there about her being named the "funniest old woman on Facebook." She sounded like a great lady.

Then you get to the donations part of the obit and she turns the knife on Cubs management:

Donations in Joanne's memory may be directed toward the impoverished Ricketts family of Chicago, Illinois, for purposes of assembling a near-Major-League-caliber bullpen, or to be dispersed per family wishes.

Who would have thought that the man responsible for giving the Cubs their first world series in over 100 years would get booed at his own team's convention:

and then get blasted in a 95-year-old sweet lady's obit.

Just a quick reminder that life ALWAYS comes at you fast.

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