Look at how happy these two are together when they're wearing the same jersey. 

I'll fully admit that the title of this blog was a little tongue in cheek and I know that Bryce Harper is having a great time trolling the media with these type of pics. BUT.

There has to be a modicum of truth in these Kris Bryant/Cubs lovefest posts. They are truly good friends. They grew up together. Their wives are friends. Playing for a winning Chicago Cubs team is probably the best place to be as a professional athlete. All those things have to add up to some shred of truth.

I know I'm coming at this as a homer Cubs fan. I know the decision will be easy if someone like the Dodgers offers him $50 million more than the Cubs. But if it's close and it comes down to a toss-up, it's nice to know that the Cubs definitely hold the tiebreaker.

Just another reminder that it's good to be a Cubs fan.

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