As reported by on Tuesday night, Rockford has a Grinch on the loose. Rockford resident Judy Johnson loves this time of year. She takes great joy in decorating for the holiday. Sunday, she placed one of the Christmas laser projector lights outside her home in the yard. Tuesday morning, she noticed it was missing.

Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea says this time of year tends to bring out the best AND worst in people. Unfortunately, Christmas decorations are stolen from yards every year. Luckily for Johnson, she has security cameras. The Christmas thief was caught on camera, taking his sweet time unplugging the light, before walking off with it. She did file a police report.

Rockford Police do encourage all homeowners to install security cameras. "The more security cameras you can place outside, whether they're visible or not, it benefits protecting your property and it also helps us in the investigations after the fact,” says Chief O’Shea.

Johnson says she's grateful that she has security cameras, but because of this, she'll probably only decorate inside her home this year.

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