When my wife, Amy, was pregnant (both times), there were a few mood swings from time to time. Nothing major, but occasionally there would be a gusher of emotions, followed rather quickly by a return to her usual self. We dealt with the gushers when they came, had a laugh about it, then moved on.

I remember an outburst about a bottle of wine (she couldn't have any, didn't want any, and the scent of wine, even across a large room made her want to vomit, so get it the hell out of here!), but I don't recall any emotional reaction to bagged vegetables.

Different story for Kevin Reams and his nine-months-pregnant wife, Sara.

Kevin was bagging some vegetables in the kitchen when he recorded Sara's crying-laughing-crying reactions to his veggie bagging.

As you might imagine, it's gone viral.

If you think that we're making fun of pregnant women, think again. If it were up to guys to carry the child for nine months, then go through the birthing process, humanity would've died out hundreds of thousands of years ago.

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