Cross one name off the list that probably wasn't going to happen anyway. 

Pat Fitzgerald has only been the head coach of one team, Northwestern, during his college coaching career that began in 2006. And with this new contract, it looks like he doesn't plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

Fitzgerald has a pretty good job out in Evanston. He has turned Northwestern into a very decent program. His record isn't exactly flashy, it currently sits at 106 wins and 81 losses following a 9-7 record this past season. His bowl record is 5-5 during his 15 seasons leading the Wildcats, though he is 5-1 in their last 6 bowl appearances.

He doesn't have much pressure on him to win. Northwestern isn't supposed to be a powerhouse, so he's had success over the expectations. He's a former player for Northwestern AND he's one of the best people out there. He literally wins awards for being a nice guy.

He was also on the list of coaches that some wanted to see as head coach of the Bears. As you can see in Pete Thamel's above Tweet, at least 2 NFL clubs made serious pushes to land Fitz as their next head coach.

Were the Bears one of them? We'll probably never know for sure but the answer is most likely no. If he was, that would mean that the Bears organization was listening to the fan base AND making an aggressive move to improve the team. We all know that just doesn't happen.

I'm not saying I wanted Fitz as the Bears coach. I am saying it probably would be a better situation than the one the Bears are currently in and it would at least be interesting.

Interesting is another adjective that's rarely used these days to describe the Bears and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

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