That's of course if the NFL plays this season. 

ActionNetwork - (Packers president Mark) Murphy said that he is, as of now, projecting that the team could allow 10,000 to 12,000 fans per game at Lambeau.

While the NFL and the NFLPA are still hammering out details on how exactly this season will work out, Packers president Mark Murphy is already giving some cheeseheads hope of seeing a game live at Lambeau.

The 10,000-12,000 number quoted above represents around just 15% capacity for Lambeau, a number that the Packers feel would be safe enough to allow proper social distancing.

The Packers are the first team to publically say they would allow any fans in the stadium this year but I'm sure this will prompt other teams around the country to start unveiling their plans for football in 2020.

The other bit of news gathered from the conference call earlier today was the annual revenue share for each NFL team from the 2019 season. $296 million was the number each team received, a 7.9% increase from last year. That's how much was collected in TV and radio deals from last year.


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