And he won't even be playing baseball. 

The World Series begins tonight. The first pitch between the Rays and the Dodgers is at 7:09 tonight on FOX. Without the Cubs or the White Sox in the series, local fans might not know who to root for. A lot of the time when there isn't a local team in a championship I like to see which players might be from the area that I could get behind.

Well, bad news there. Apparently Illinois isn't exactly a baseball hotspot when it comes to developing major league talent as there are a grand total of zero players from the Land of Lincoln playing in this year's Fall Classic.

Then I went on to the two coaching staffs. Nothing there either.

Then I went to the umpires and found one fellow Illinoisian.

His name is  Mark Carlson and he was born in Joliet. He and his family still live in Illinois.

So I guess I'll be backing the blue this postseason. Umpire blue that is.

This is Mark's second World Series. He will be manning the right field foul line for Game 1 but if the series goes the distance it will be Mark Carlson calling balls and strikes for a deciding game 7.



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