This isn't a big shock to me. A new survey from has found that about 10 percent of Americans don't carry cash anymore. While I'm not quite there yet, you'll rarely find more than $10 in paper money on my person at any given time.

Philip Lange, ThinkStock
Philip Lange, ThinkStock

The survey says about half of the country currently is in the same position I am:

The survey, conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, also found that 78 percent of Americans carried less than $50 in paper money, and that 49 percent carry $20 or less each day. Nine percent went without cash entirely, the survey found.

I don't carry much cash anymore because I simply don't need to. Credit/debit cards are accepted nearly everywhere. Unless I'm close to a vending machine or buying cookies from a Girl Scout I just don't need cash in my day-to-day life.

The survey also found that cash-carrying correlated to some degree with gender: Eighty-six percent of women reported carrying less than $50, compared to 70 percent of men.

It seems that if we truly are shifting toward a cashless society, a majority of us will be prepared. Though some say that's not a great idea to begin with.

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