Six different bundles have been found at Austin's Grocery Store in Allouez, Wisconsin, a small burb south of Green Bay.

From my perspective, a better question might be "Why isn't someone leaving bundles of cash in a Rockford grocery store?"

Who knows, maybe someone here in Rockford might be motivated to do some copy-catting.

Until then, you might have to make a little road-trip up to Allouez.

Back in early July, a bundle of cash was found on the store’s floor. It happened again, and again, and three more times after that. In all, six bundles of money have been found on the floor of the store in the last month-and-a-half, and no one has claimed any of it yet.

The store manager tells NBC 26 there's nearly 400 to 500 in cash at this point. Two bundles were more than $100 and the rest have been anywhere from 15 to 50 dollars.

"We have found things in the past. Valuable things and we have always gotten them back to the rightful owner,” said Steve Austin. “This time, we are just stumped. Just stumped that this is happening to us.”

Based on camera footage the store believes it is different people dropping the money, but they haven't been able to identify exactly who the money belongs to. If you think this might be your money, be sure to reach out to Austin’s.

If the money isn't claimed, the store’s staff plans to donate it.

If you don't feel like taking the drive up to Allouez, you could always order yourself a pizza:

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