Who knew that college kids wouldn't show some self-control and succumb to mob mentality?

Saturday night the University of Notre Dame football team won a very exciting game over #1 ranked Clemson on their home field. It should be noted that Clemson was without their star quarterback Trevor Lawrence. The double-overtime win looked in doubt at the end of regulation with the Irish down 7 with under a minute to go. The wild win was punctuated by thousands of Notre Dame fans rushing the field and gathering for parties that lasted until dawn. You know, college kid stuff.

Now the President of the university is upset. It should be noted that this is the same university president that attended a super-spreader event earlier this year and was infected by COVID himself. Here is the letter that was sent to all students.

Because the Notre Dame students did what anyone could have predicted they do, here's what happens next.

  1. ALL students, even those that didn't attend the game must get a COVID-19 test before returning home. If you fail to get tested, you cannot register for classes next semester.
  2. No one can even leave South Bend until you receive a negative COVID test. If you leave South Bend, you will not be able to register for classes.
  3. ZERO tolerance for on OR off-campus gatherings. "Sever sanctions" will be faced if you hold or attend a gathering.

I'm sure the robust Notre Dame legal department will be weighing in on this shortly.


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