It is almost expected for some publication to put together a "worst for crime" list and include Rockford in it. Most recently, Rockford was slapped with the label of "16th worst place to live" in the United States because of crime.

So Rockford is dangerous and crime-ridden but so are a lot of cities of similar size that aren't far from a major city like Chicago, we get that. But, what are the most dangerous cities in Illinois itself?

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Let's break it down to even more of a local level and ask the question but focus on Northern Illinois(ish). You might be surprised which city made the list, I know I was.

The website Only In Your put together a list of the most dangerous cities in Illinois after dark and included this little backhanded compliment.

All of these cities are perfectly great places to live in Illinois, they just require a bit more caution at night.

Too late, OIYS, you already said these towns suck.


  • Chicago
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Chicago crime news is reported around the world, giving it the reputation as a city with horrible gun violence.

  • Dekalb (?!)
Credit: Getty Images ranked Northern Illinois University in Dekalb 10th in the nation for violent crime.

  • Harvey
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With one of the highest rates of violent crime on the list, your chances of being assaulted, murdered, raped, or attacked are 1 in 84.

  • Kankakee
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Crime was decreasing in Kankakee, but unfortunately, it's back up again.

  • Rockford
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Use the buddy system and keep alert when traveling after dark.

You can find the other most dangerous Illinois cities after dark here and the safest places here.

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