Turns out people don't want to live in a Michael Jordan theme park.

BusinessInsider - On Monday, His Airness listed a 10,000-square-foot mountain hideaway in the ritzy ski city of Park City, Utah. But the Park City home, for which he paid $7.9 million, already looks a good bet to sell before the Highland Park property he's been trying to sell since Barack Obama's first term in office.

You can check out the entire listing of the Highland Park residence here, but a couple of things made me laugh.

One was this:


Two thousand seven hundred and ninety-one days on the market?!?! That is a preposterous number. I'm no real estate agent but I would imagine that the rule of thumb is once you hit quadruple digits, you pull the house off the market.

The other funny part was the fact that they photoshopped shots of him playing basketball on every TV.


You can watch Bulls games in the living room.


Same game's on in the weight room.

Then, inexplicably they choose a different game shot for whatever room this is.


It's probably one of 9 gambling rooms.

Maybe I'm focusing on the wrong thing here but why did they photoshop the basketball games in there? Unsure of whose house it was? And why did they use 2 images for 3 pictures? NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE.

Anyway. If you want to buy it, it's selling for just shy of $15 million bucks which is INSANE considering this blurb from the Business Insider article.


The home's closest competition in Highland Park is a $9.75 million home on Crescent Court. It's about a third of the size of the Jordan estate, sits directly on Lake Michigan, and boasts a private beach. Bowers Realty Group reported the average median in Highland Park for 2019 was $520,794 as of September. This is down from an estimated home price of $672,000 in 2018, according to Coldwell Banker.

That's right, an extra 5 mildo will get you a worse location and more jumpman logos than you can handle. Can't believe it's still on the market.


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